URGENT: We are hearing that SIGAINT has most likely been seized and has shut down permanantly. If you used a SIGAINT address to sign up, please contact us IMMEDIATELY with your new email address.We do not yet have a suggested list of safe providers, and would appreciate anyone who can suggest some.

We have completed the task of emailing further instructions to all members we can reach. If you have not received an email from us between 12 January and 09 March, you never will; contact us IMMEDIATELY through the web form with at least a primary and backup email address, or you will start missing Packs.

RealPiss Voyeur Community

RealPiss Voyeur Community real uncensored female pee spycams

RealPiss Voyeur Community is a Deep Web community dedicated to sharing real voyeur videos of real girls. We release new packs, monthly, made by members, for members. Its 100% free!

What you may expect

Because of some people don't getting the point: Here's what you really can expect from me and – especially – the community:

  • Never seen images and clips, uncensored
  • Fresh Updates – everyone has to contribute, everyone benefits
  • Real Life – nothing is staged; these are real girls just doing what they need to do


To subscribe, please read the directions below, and follow our new Guided Submission Wizard:

Start Submission Wizard

You must upload a video which depicts a female, covertly filmed, while using the toilet. Peeing/pissing, shitting, and any related activities are all accepted, but please describe them when submitting. This can be taken indoor, outdoor, wherever, but it must be voyeur content you have created yourself.

To ensure the video is real and that you have taken it, you must also film a few seconds of holding a piece of paper out in front of the camera, at the same location, with the following written on it: your email, the date, and the letters RPVC. You may film this piece of paper before or after you have filmed your girl, just make sure the video will show enough of the background of where you are taking it, so that we can clearly identify it as the same location. Do not edit the videos to combine them, upload them seperately.Do not edit the video to insert a title screen with the information, it must be on a physical piece of paper held up in front of the camera at the location you filmed.

Please include the entire video clip without transcoding it. Any format is accepted, not just mp4, so please try to keep the original format from the camera to avoid quality loss. To maintain the quality of the collection, we may refuse user-edited submissions. If you do need something edited out, we have professional video editors who can remove any sensitive portions; follow the Submission Wizard for more details.

Please respect the following

  • NEW REQUIREMENT: If you fail to provide correct contact info, you give us permission to use your clip without giving you membership.
  • You must include a voyeur video and it must include a written piece of paper as described.
  • There is no other way, we always need new content so only those who can share are permitted to join us.
  • No, you cannot buy your way into RPVC, anyone offering a paid membership is trying to scam you.
  • There is now a seperate Donor Pack for those who wish to buy commercial voyeur content at a discount.


If you have any questions about RealPiss Voyeur Community please send us a message:
Open Contact Form

Please allow a few days for response.


8 August 2016 — Notice To All Members

All members, please contact us using the web form as soon as possible. We are moving to a new distribution format, and we need up-to-date contact information for all members. Most addresses we have on file are not working; if you have not heard from us in a while, chances are your address is one of the providers having frequent or intermittent issues.

If you need an anonymous email provider, we currently recommend Sigaint. We recommend you provide at least two email addresses, and that one of them be a Sigaint address. Doing so will better ensure you do not miss out on any Packs or community updates. Due to the general unreliability of Email over Tor, this is happening routinely.

Providers we have frequent issues with include: Ruggedinbox, Mail2tor, Safemail, Hotmail (incluing Windows.live and Outlook). If you have one of these addresses, we almost certainly cannot contact you at all, so please update your information with us.

3 January 2016 — January Pack on hiatus

It is likely the January Pack will be significantly delayed due to ongoing and additional email outages that have cropped up.

Please contact us if you can spare any donation at all; we are in dire need of new funds to launch the RPVC Forums.

9 December 2015 — Some Setbacks

As noted in the headline warning, we're being told that it is likely the Ruggedinbox mail service . The service is not operating at this time, and members using it should immediately follow the directions in the FAQ to update their email address, or we won't be able to reach them with any news or releases.

In addition, we did not receive any submissions towards the December Pack; we believe this may be related to the email outage, and that submissions may have been lost. Please contact us if you made a submission, so we can look for it. The MemberPacks will resume on January, and all Submitter memberships will be extended forward by one additional month.

There is nonetheless a hint of a silver lining to this all; we believe that if we can get just one additional regular donor, we'll be able to launch the long-awaited RPVC forums. Once those are up and running, it will provide a reliable contact and distribution point for communication and member releases; we'll be free of our email woes once and for all! If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so to help us reach our goal of launching the RPVC forums.

By the way, if you missed last month's news, we have a new site up and running! Read on, and check it out for some extra freebies to carry you over until the next release.

6 November 2015 — 2 New Websites for RPVC!!

Thanks in part to last month's Donation Drive, we are happy to announce that RPVC has bought PeePicsjswxrkhuc.onion! The domain was offered for auction, we got it for €1, unopposed in bidding, what a steal! This new site is back up and running under our control. Check it out, RPVC membership is not required to view this pic-a-day freebie site! Be sure to tell all your friends!!

The other thing you've probably already noticed is, we have our own domain!RealPissxny3hgyl.onion is our new official home, please help spread the word!

The November Pack was sent out last week, by the way, we just forgot to update the blog :-)

1 October 2015 — MemberPack Release

The October Pack is here! We've changed formats a bit, so please check your spam folder if you do not see it.

Please contact us immediately if you did not receive it. We have attempted to send it out to all Torbox users, however, we believe that service has stopped relaying mail.

1 September 2015 — MemberPack Release

The September MemberPack has been released!

Refer to the post below for the new eligability requirements.

Since we were unable to send out notice of the changes last month, due to the loss of our mail provider, you have a one-time grace period of until 7 September to contact us, sort things out and still receive the September Pack.

In general, these would be the reasons you would not receive a MemberPack this month:

  • You use Mail2tor. Mail2tor has been down since approximately 29 July, with no incoming or outgoing mail functions operating. Please see the FAQ below to update your email address.
  • You didn't contribute or donate during either June or August. We have been forced to instate a new policy where members who haven't contributed for 2 consecutive months will (typically) no longer receive MemberPacks.
  • There has been an error on our part. It is possible we may have lost some email addresses during the change-over. It is equally possible our records on who contributed in the past arent accurate (since we never needed them for membership status). If you think you meet the requirements below (in particular, read the FAQ), double-check your status, and contact us if you notice an error.

15 August 2015 — Major changes coming to RPVC

As many of you already know, Mail2tor shut down earlier this month. Their service had very high limits for outgoing mail, which allowed us to be pretty lax with membership guidelines: strictly speaking, you could submit one clip and be a member for life without ever having to give back. With having to change providers, we have now run into usage limitations that make this model unsustainable.

Upon reviewing our options these last 2 weeks, we have decided our best move forward is to "cut some of the slack", so to speak, and limit distribution to members who actively contribute to the community. Effective immediately, members who have not contributed for 2 consecutive months will be deemed inactive, and stop receiving the Member Packs until they decide to contribute again.

However, members may now contribute in two ways: by uploading new material OR by donating. You still have to submit your own content to apply initially, but members who contributed in the past now have the option to donate in lieu of making ongoing content submissions.

We hope that this new requirement will both increase the overall amount of new material we get every month, as well as increase the amount of funding we have available to distribute the packs.

Due to the effort involved in this restructuring, and the fact that we are only 2 weeks out from the next, we unfortunately have to cancel the August Member Pack. The next Pack will be on 1 September, and will include the August content as well.

Based on discussions we have had with members, we have prepared a short FAQ to answer the most common questions we anticipate. If you have any other questions about these changes, please feel free to contact us and ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, contact us to ask it!


Q: I used Mail2tor (or another defunct email provider) to apply; how do I update my email address?

A:Contact us with your new email and mention your old address. We may ask some questions to verify you previously had access.

See the FAQ entry below for our list of recommended providers.

Q: What email services do you recommend?

A:At this time, we recommend Sigaint or RuggedInbox.Both of these services have a Tor-based login, and can send and receive from both clearnet and Tor. Both will work for sure with RPVC. You may also consider providing a secondary contact method (2nd email, Torchat, etc.) in your message. This allows us to still reach you in event of an outage.

Q: I contacted you a week ago; why haven't you responded?

A:99% of the time we get messages asking this, the email address provided is not working. We do respond, but it does no good if the response bounces right back to us. You wouldn't believe how many people mis-remember their own contact info!! Please copy-paste your email address (open Sent and copy the 'From:' address) to avoid any differences in spelling.

Another common issue is the mail provider being down. This isn't always obvious with Tor-based email providers; you may be able to log in and send mail, for example, but incoming mail is bounced or silently dropped. In some cases, this only happens between certain services, so you may be able to talk to some people, but never see mail from others such as us.

See the FAQ entry above for our list of recommended providers.

The providers below are on our shitlist; in other words, they are down, or have had prolonged outages in the past:

  • Mail2tor: Most accounts disabled since July; very unreliable when receiving mail
  • Torbox: Mail is being silently dropped or delayed for up to a week
  • Ruggedinbox: Bitcoinforums is reporting a possible seizure

How-to & Troubleshooting

Q: How do I open the MemberPacks?

A:MemberPacks are packaged using 7-Zip.

  • Linux: Install the p7zip command-line package, eg., apt-get install p7zip
    Extract the pack with 7z x [/path/to/member-pack.7z]
  • Windows: Download 7-Zip from here, or in your clearnet browser from www.7-zip.org
    www.7-zip.org is not safe to access over Tor. Do not download from Sourceforge, it is bundled with malware. If in doubt, download from us using the link above.
  • Mac: Download Keka in your clearnet browser from www.kekaosx.com
    www.kekaosx.com is not safe to access over Tor. It is only free if you do not download from the app store.

Q: I get an error message when opening the .7z file

A:Most likely, you got a bad download. Try again.

Q: I get a 403 error, access denied, or content blocked message when trying to submit an application or when downloading a MemberPack

A:RPVC is hosted on the Tor network. If your browser address bar shows anything other than exactly http://realpissxny3hgyl.onion/you are using a proxy (this will happen if you found us through Google, for example). Proxies will often block large uploads or downloads. , go directly tohttp://realpissxny3hgyl.onion/ then try again.

Eligability & Submissions

Q: Do the minimum contribution requirements mean RPVC is no longer free?

A:No! It simply means that members now have to contribute new content at least every other month, which should not be too difficult. You only have to pay if you do not want to submit content; this policy is intended to discourage freeloaders.

Q: But if members can donate instead of submitting, wont that mean less content?

A:We did not previously require members to routinely submit content at all; in fact, a significant fraction of members never contributed anything after their initial application clip. We suspect that most members will now choose to contribute more often, to avoid having to donate. Those who do choose to donate will now provide the means to fund distribution of the Member Packs. Either way, the community benefits from what used to be "dead weight".

Q: Does this mean I should space out my submissions, or split clips apart, so they count more?

A:No. Please submit them whole and as soon as possible! Contributions will roll forward, so nothing is lost by submitting early. For example, if you submit a clip with 2 scenes in January, you would not be required to submit again until May under the "every other month" rule. But we do hope most members will contribute more often than this!

Q: I broke up with my girlfriend/moved out/otherwise no longer have a way to produce content. Does this mean I'll be kicked out of RPVC?

A:Not necessarily; as long as you contributed previously, you still have the option to donate to keep receiving the Member Packs. If you cannot donate, but have submitted lots of content in the past OR can help us out in other ways, contact us about getting an exception.

Q: If I applied for the Member Packs, and now choose to donate to keep receiving them, will I receive the Donor Pack instead?

A:As long as you were accepted in the past, you will receive both packs if you donate.

Q: I have been deemed inactive; does this mean I need to start over and apply again?

A:No, we will keep inactive members on file indefinitely (unless they ask to be removed), so you may reactivate at any time by contributing either content or a donation.

Q: Does this mean I can buy the Member Packs now?

A:No. Member Packs are available exclusively to members who have made their own content. Donation-only members (of which we never had a significant number to begin with) will receive only the seperate Donor Pack.

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* Do not use Hotmail, Windows Live or Outlook to contact us!!! Microsoft CENSORS EMAILS FROM TOR, you will never get our reply!
See the FAQ for recommendations if you do not receive a response.

Please enter your email:  DO NOT USE HOTMAIL/WINDOWS LIVE/OUTLOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Please confirm your email: (Didn't get a response? Your email was wrong.)

Please enter your message:

* If you do not receive a response within a few days, it means your email address was incorrect or not working.


Please select an option below:


You've selected that you wish to apply to the RPVC. What are you going to submit today? Please select the first option that applies to you.


Please enter your email address into this field; it is incredibly important that you double-check it is correct:


If our email to you bounces, you will not get your membership, so check your address one last time before clicking next!

* Do not use Hotmail, Windows Live or Outlook!!! Microsoft CENSORS EMAILS FROM TOR, you will never get our reply!

If you need a safe email account, please see our list of recommended Tor email providers in our FAQ.


Did you film a written piece of paper (with your email, the date, and the letters RPVC) as part of your video?


Please select your submission video in the field below, then click next.

Please do not re-encode, cut, or edit the videos, there is no size limit! We have professional editors who will do any editing you request, without loss of quality; just select the appropriate option on the next screen.

If you have more than one video, we recommend you complete your application with just one, then come back and select the "returning member" option on the wizard to upload the rest.

You do not have to wait for approval before submitting a second video as a member, just use the same email address you're using for this application.

You do not need to include a verification card (the written piece of paper) for additional videos, only your first application.


No problem, let's start by selecting that.

Please select the video of your verification card (the written piece of paper) in the field below, then click next.


Edited videos are not permitted. For obvious reasons, you are not going to get away with cheating and editing your info into someone else's video.

If it is really your video, go back to the shoot location and film a piece of paper with your info written on it as described in the requirements on the homepage.

This is done to ensure continued quality of our community's submissions.

If you don't have the ability to shoot your own content, you may apply for the Donor Pack instead.Cancel

The video of the verification card (the written piece of paper) must be at the same location as your submission video. You have 2 options:

Please come back when you have done this.Cancel

We don't accept still photos of the verification cards anymore, as we've caught a number of applicants trying to fake them.

Please go back and take a video of the required information written on a piece of paper instead.Cancel

We need you to take a video of a piece of paper as described (with your email, the date, and the letters RPVC written on it) to verify you actually took the video you are submitting.

This is done to ensure continued quality of our community's submissions.

If you don't have the ability to shoot your own content, you may apply for the Donor Pack instead.Cancel

Does your video require any editing before we can use it in the member packs? If you don't care, select No.


Please describe the video you have selected; you may also include any other details you want us to know about you or your submission. This is optional, but recommended.

If you want edits made, this is the place to describe them.

If you have a backup contact method (Torchat, forum user, etc), you may include it as well.


We really can't stress how important it is to have a valid email address; would you mind entering it one more time to be sure you've made no errors?

* Yes, we've had a very large number of submissions that are excellent, but we were never able to reach the submitter because the address was not valid!


You're almost there!

Please quickly review the following list before clicking submit:


Are you willing to make some of your own voyeur videos?


Great! The best way to apply is to shoot your video first, then come back here to submit it. Remember to record a card (a piece of paper with your email, the date, and the letters RPVC) in the shoot location, so we can verify it is your own original content.

If you need advice, you can always contact us.Cancel

Great! We are working to get a proper guide together. You are welcome to contact us for any advice you need shooting. Please describe your oppertunities and concerns.Cancel

Would you be willing to donate a small fee to the RPVC?


The RPVC Donors Pack is a great way to start off if you are unable to obtain any of your own content. The mimimum donation is currently 0.05 BTC/mo (or equivilent in any other major cryptocurrency), which is less than most commercial voyeur sites, and you get much more!

Please contact us to recieve a private donation address. If you've never used Bitcoin before, we can even help you obtain some.Cancel

Unfortunately, you are not currently eligable for membership at RPVC.

If you've selected an incorrect option, you may cancel and start over.Cancel

You know the drill right? Enter your email, select your editing preferences and clip(s), enter any relevent description, and submit.

+ Please select your editing preference + I don't require any editing I just want the video cut to length You must make privacy-related edits, which I will describe below I want multiple or other edits made, which I will describe below

Your message has been received! If you provided a valid email address, you should get a response within a few days.


Congratulations! Your application has been recieved. Assuming you followed all directions correctly, you will be granted full membership in a few days.

If you do not receive a response, please contact us so we can determine what the holdup is.

In order to keep our community strong, please consider making additional contributions as you are able to! Just return any time and select the submit as existing member option from the wizard. You do not have to wait for approval to start submitting additional clips.


Congratulations! Your submission has been recieved. The RPVC Community thanks you greatly for your contribution; be sure to look for it in the next Member Pack!

In order to keep our community strong, please consider making additional contributions as you are able to! Just return any time and select the submit as existing member option from the wizard.